My 2018 resolution was to always carry reusable bags when shopping and I can't go back. I am so glad I made this easy switch. Every little bit helps. My 2019 resolution is to reduce my plastic consumption further. I will buy in bulk when possible and cut out single use plastics.

If you haven't already made this easy switch I urge you to make this simple change for our environment and future generations. Not only do I fit way more in my bags making my groceries easier to carry, your grocery store will usually offer you a discount for bringing your own bags. I started out just using my bags at the market or grocery store, but now take them in anytime I plan on making a purchase I need a bag for. Throw them in your passenger seat to keep in grabbing distance. I started out keeping in my trunk but would always forget.

I have gained quite a few bags over the years and usually fold them up into one bigger one that I carry in on my shoulder. QUICK TIP- Use bags that are easily wipe-able or ones you can throw in the wash in case of drips or spills. If you are ready to make this easy switch but are looking for something I little more polished for your shopping trips, I have you covered in the links below. Having a good bag to carry can be the extra push you need like the way new active-wear can inspire you to get to the gym. Leave me some comments below on other simple changes you have made to reduce your footprint.